November 11, 2013

Are there really “good” “bad” and “best” exercises?

Pick up any fitness magazine or surf through the popular internet fitness sites and you’ll find scores of articles with titles like, “The Best Exercise for (fill in the blank for a muscle group)” or “Exercises You Should Never Do.” Without a doubt, these articles are attention-grabbing and make for interesting conversation around the water cooler. Question is, how applicable are they with respect to exercise program design? Episode 5 of the B&B Connection webcast discusses this topic in depth. Bret and I propose the alternative view that with perhaps a few exceptions, there are no “bad” exercises but rather poor application and poor performance of these movements. We also challenge the claim that there are universal “best” exercises; instead, exercise selection ultimately comes down to factors specific to the individual including goals, abilities, genetics, injury status, etc. As always, we delve into the practical implications for how to implement concepts into a training routine.

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