Products and Services

In our continuing effort to bring you the best in health and fitness, we are proud to offer the following products and services:


Check out the Ultimate Fitness Books and learn the most efficient and effective way to achieve your ideal physique. Based on Brad Schoenfeld's highly acclaimed High-Energy Fitness system of training, these are amongst today's most popular books on women's fitness. With nearly half a million copies in print, they are guaranteed to set you on the right track to physique heaven--all you have to do is put in the effort!


Looking for a speaker for your event? Brad is equally adept at delivering dynamic workshops and seminars for fitness professionals or custom-tailoring an informative and motivational keynote for the general public at large. Hire Brad to deliver a dynamic speaking engagement--you won't be dissapointed. Need help setting up a home gym? Find out how Brad can help with personalized Home Gym Consulting. Or, if you represent a corporation or institution that needs help in fitness education or facility design, check out our corporate consulting division, Corporate Fitness Concepts. We help you achieve a healthy business!


If you would like an Internet-based fitness program designed especially for you, check our our unique Cybertraining program. Or if you are a fitness competitor, figure competitor, or bodybuilder seeking to optimize your physique, check out our Online Competition Coaching.


Need some instruction and/or motivation during your workout? Load up your iPod with our high quality audio files. Track your exercise sessions with our free workout log. They're all here on our Fitness Downloads page.