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Brad Schoenfeld Speaking Schedule: 2017


Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, CSCS, FNSCA, is internationally renowned as a dynamic public speaker. He has presented for a wide range of organizations, corporations, health facilities and other outlets, and is versed in a wide range of fitness topics. Here is his current speaking schedule:

January 27-29: 5th NSCA International Conference. Chiba, Japan

February 17-19: February Fitness Annual Conference. Leon, Spain

March 24-26: PFS Convention. Nicosia, Cyprus

May 11-14: 8th International Scientific Conference on Kinesiology. Opatija, Croatia

June 2-4: Sports Performance Summit. Amsterdam, Holland

June 22-24: 14th International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Conference. Phoenix, Arizona

July 29-30: BSPA Fortbildungsakademie. Vienna, Austria

August 18: Hypertrophy Fitness Symposium. Tel Aviv, Israel

September 30: 1st NSCA Brazil Congress. Curatiba, Brazil

October 13: 18th International Symposium. Jyvaskyla, Finland

October 19-20: New England ACSM Fall Conference. Providence, Rhode Island

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