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Look Great Naked Diet

The Look Great Naked DietThe Look Great Naked Diet: Change Your Set Point, Change Your Life
Brad Schoenfeld, CSCS

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 1583331859


Anyone seeking to lose fat and optimize body composition.

About Look Great Naked Diet. . .

Nature deals everyone a certain body type based on an individual set point, which is the amount of fat the body strives to maintain at all times. While most diets promote weight loss for the short term, they fail to take into account each person's unique set point, making weight regain all but inevitable. The Look Great Naked Diet offers a permanent solution for changing genetic disposition, allowing everyone to enjoy lasting results. Renowned fitness and nutrition expert Brad Schoenfeld will show anyone how to redefine their physique. Here are some of the highlights of this breakthrough program:

  • Explains how genetic and environmental influences determine a person's body composition and how these factors can be controlled to achieve super-low body fat levels.
  • Describes why ultra-low carb (ketogenic) diets are detrimental to long-term weight management.
  • Details how the right types of dietary fats can actually help to turn the body into a fat-burning machine.
  • Illustrates how to avoid the inevitable metabolic slowdown associated with most diets.
  • Shows what to eat for optimal exercise performance.
  • Explains how to get your body into top shape for a specific event such as a wedding, beach party or physique competition.
  • Details exciting menu plans for each specific body type with seven-day menu suggestions.
  • Provides favorite healthy recipes of some of the world's top fitness models.
  • And much, much more!

About the Author. . .

Brad Schoenfeld, CSCS, CPT, is a renowned expert on fitness and sports nutrition. He writes a regular column for Fitness Rx magazine, has been featured in numerous publications including Shape, Self, Fitness, Cosmopolitan, and Marie Claire, and has appeared on hundreds of radio and television programs throughout the country (including Fox Newschannel, CNN, Good Day New York, and many more). He is the author of the best-selling books, Sculpting Her Body Perfect and Look Great Naked, as well as the popular Look Great Sleeveless and Look Great at Any Age. Certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and as a Personal Trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and awarded the distinction of being called Master Trainer by IDEA, Schoenfeld is President of Global Fitness Services, a diverse, multifaceted fitness corporation. He lectures internationally on fitness, both at the corporate and consumer level. He may be contacted care of Global Fitness Services, Box 58, Scarsdale, NY, 10583.

Contents. . .

Part I: A Dieter's Dilemma
Chapter 1. Body Fat Blues
Chapter 2. Set Point and You
Chapter 3. The LGN Diet Solution

Part II: Nutrients for Life
Chapter 4. Curb Your Carbs
Chapter 5. The Power of Protein
Chapter 6. The Skinny on Fat
Chapter 7. A Thirst for Water

Part III: The LGN Program
Chapter 8. A Body to Diet For
Chapter 9. Nine Ways to a Leaner Body
Chapter 10. Eat Right to Exercise

Part IV: Nutritional Know-How
Chapter 11. Eating Healthy When Eating Out
Chapter 12. Preparing for the Big Event
Chapter 13. The Scoop on Supplements
Chapter 14. The Ten Biggest Nutrition and Fat Loss Myths
Chapter 15. Look Great Naked Recipes of the Fitness Stars

What People are Saying. . .

"As President of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians, I am pleased to endorse Brad Schoenfeld's, "The Look Great Naked Diet." Having known Brad for many years, I can wholeheartedly attest to his knowledge in helping people get into optimal shape. His nutritional program presents a truly scientific approach to weight loss. It not only shows you how to lose fat but, more importantly, how to keep it off safely and permanently. If you want to achieve your best body ever, this is the book to buy."

Arthur Davidson, MD
President/American Bariatric Society

"Finally, a book that gives us the straight answers we need--without hype or empty promises! Brad Schoenfeld does a brilliant job of taking the scientific research and laying it out before us in a way that makes sense. He clears up the controversy on artificial sweeteners, high-protein diets, how much water our bodies really need, and much more. The best part about it is--there is no hunger, only a feeling of health and well-being. This is a lifestyle eating plan we can live with, especially because we now understand the science of why it works."

Dr. Raeleen Mautner
Author: Change Your Mind/Change Your Weight

"Brad Schoenfeld's simple, common sense approach to nutrition is the perfect compliment to any fitness or health maintenance routine."

DeeAnn Donovan
Fitness Supermodel

"Brad Schoenfeld leads us to the final physical results that we desire. The Look Great Naked Diet is a valuable treasure map of nutritional information."

Bethany Howlett, MS, CSCS
IFBB Fitness Professional

"A smart and not overly restrictive eating plan."

Muscle and Fitness Hers Magazine