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Sculpting Her Body Perfect

Sculpting Her Body PerfectSculpting Her Body Perfect
Brad Schoenfeld

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Format: Paperback
ISBN: 0736073884


Any woman who wants to burn fat, tone muscle, or shape her physique will benefit from Brad Schoenfeld's expertise. This new edition comes with a 60 minute instructional DVD!

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About Sculpting Her Body Perfect . . .

The best is now even better!

Sculpting Her Body Perfect has helped hundreds of thousands of readers improve muscle tone, sculpt their physiques, and tone up hard-to-reach and troublesome body areas.

This third edition of Sculpting Her Body Perfect not only provides the exercises you need to achieve your body-shaping goals, but it also demonstrates them in an easy-to-follow fashion on the accompanying 60-minute DVD!

With Brad Schoenfeld's proven conditioning program, you will build an essential foundation for further muscle development. Then, with targeted bodysculpting instruction to smooth out any remaining problem areas, you can add the specific definition you need to complete your new look.

The companion DVD provides even more exercise techniques along with tips on creating your own exercise combinations and workout plans. Seeing the program in action, you will learn the secrets of how pacing, transition, varying technique, and effective execution can take your workout to another level.

One of the most sought-after personal trainers in the United States, fitness expert Schoenfeld has a sculpting program tailored to the unique training needs and goals of women. Whether you're working out at home or in a gym, before work or after, his program is for you. Read it, watch it, perform it. You'll see the results!

About the Author. . .

Brad Schoenfeld, Certified Personal Trainer, is a renowned expert on fitness and sports nutrition. As the owner/operator of the exclusive Personal Training Center for Women in Scarsdale, New York, he is regarded as one of the leading authorities on women's fitness. He is also a lifetime drug-free bodybuilder and has won numerous natural bodybuilding titles including the ANPPC Tri-State Naturals and USA Mixed Pairs crowns.

Schoenfeld is a popular freelance writer on a variety of fitness topics and is a regular contributor to many leading fitness magazines, including being a columnist and feature writer for Fitness Magazine. He has published numerous articles appearing in such magazines as Shape, Let's Live, Muscle and Fitness, New Living, Martial Arts Training, Senior Magazine, Ms. Fitness, Natural Bodybuilding, Oxygen, and MuscleMag. Moreover, he has been featured on television's CBS Evening News, CNN Headline News, and FOX Good Day New York, as well as on radio programs across the country.

Certified by the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), Schoenfeld is President of Global Fitness Services, a diverse, multifaceted fitness corporation. Schoenfeld lives in Croton, New York.

Contents. . .

Chapter 1. Sculpting the Ultimate Body
Chapter 2. Warming Up to Training
Chapter 3. Body Conditioning
Chapter 4. Toning and Shaping
Chapter 5. Targeted Bodysculpting
Chapter 6. Sexy Chest
Chapter 7. Hourglass Back
Chapter 8. Shapely Shoulders
Chapter 9. Beautiful Biceps
Chapter 10. Toned Triceps
Chapter 11. Defined Quads
Chapter 12. Lean Hamstrings and Glutes
Chapter 13. Diamond Calves
Chapter 14. Six-Pack Abs
Chapter 15. Fat Burning With Aerobics
Chapter 16. Safe Workouts During Pregnancy
Chapter 17. Maintaining Your Physique

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What People are Saying. . .

"Brad has written the ultimate book on women's bodysculpting. It is a must-read for any woman who wants to change her physique for the better."

Debbie Kruck
Ms. Fitness USA

"Wow! Seldom have I read such a comprehensive and well-researched source on women's fitness. Not only does the reader receive an excellent selection of optimum exercises for each body part, but the kinesiology and logic behind the selections is outstanding."

Lovenia Tuley
Ms. Fitness America finalist

"I have never read a more thorough, in-depth perspective on women's bodysculpting. As I was reading, I was amazed that as questions arose in my head they were answered in the next few lines. The program that Brad has set forth is identical to how I train as a fitness professional. This book will be a great benefit to any woman who desires to achieve her ideal physique."

Michelle Ralabate
Ms. Fitness Olympia finalist

"Brad has provided a valuable and accurate system of fitness training, outlining techniques that are essential to sculpt a lean body. The compound movements and supersets are terrific for conditioning, endurance, and flexibility."

Lori Ann Lloyd
Extreme Fitness Champion

"A clearly written book with a wealth of information for both beginners and advanced female exercise enthusiasts or personal trainers."

Shannon Meteraud
Miss Super Fitness

"Finally, an understandable training manual that will help a woman achieve her fitness goals. An outstanding guide that is not only interesting but effectively written by someone knowledgeable in the field!"

Rikki Rife
Fitness model

"The philosophy behind Brad's training system has enabled me to develop a figure that allows me to appear in the swimsuit editions of the top fitness magazines."

Tina Jo Bagne
Ms. Galaxy finalist

"...the book that every woman needs in her quest for being the best she can be."

Ms. Fitness Magazine

"Very thorough…beg, borrow, or steal this book (from a friend)."

Oxygen Magazine

" excellent book for women who want to strengthen, streamline, and shape their bodies. Loaded with training tips, illustrations, special maintenance programs, and safe workout routines for pregnant women, the book is a perfect guide to sculpting a beautiful physique."


" excellent primer that includes 80 exercises to burn fat, tone muscle, and shape your physique to the proportions you desire. This book will help you take your fitness program to the next level, and also help you avoid the pitfalls and myths typical of competitive bodybuilding."


"...a fine addition to your training library, whether you want a progressive program or simply an assortment of exercises to choose from."

"Thoroughly "user friendly" step-by-step instructions enhanced with extensive black-and-white photographs fill out this excellent and highly recommended instructional guide to tailoring an effective physical workout for any woman regardless of age, background, or physical condition."

Midwest Book Review

"Another winner by Schoenfeld!"

Book Review Cafe

"...excellent instruction for the beginner or intermediate fitness participant who is looking for the tools to embark on a fitness regime without having to employ a Certified Personal Trainer."

MZ Sport